They Are Worthy of Support. We See Them.

Working for Survivors of Domestic Abuse.

Hagar’s Heart works in partnership with domestic violence organizations in North Texas to provide self-care support and well-being to survivors of domestic violence.


Social, practical, and emotional support is freely given when needed most.


Working as a community to break the cycle of domestic abuse and understanding the importance of self-care when healing from trauma.


Building confidence, learning self-care, and providing space to heal from trauma.

How We Serve Survivors of Domestic Violence

Self-Care Toolkits

Letting survivors know they are seen, worthy of love, and being loved through our I See You Boxes.

Rest and Relax

Allowing survivors to learn what it means to rest, relax, and take care of themselves while their children are cared for.

Domestic Violence organizations, emergency shelters, and outreach centers are safe spaces to escape to and are where healing begins.

Since May 2020, we have provided over 4,657 survivors in domestic violence shelters with I See You boxes. These contain items that promote self-care and social-emotional wellness.

We partner with domestic violence organizations to provide wrap-around support for survivors. Self-care and emotional well-being are essential in recovery and help to break free from a life of abuse.

We are a volunteer organization. Many volunteers are survivors of domestic violence and want to help others find their way.

Who We Have Helped

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