I See You Boxes

I See You Boxes are gifts from the heart.

It is said it takes 5-7 positive reinforcements to undo a single negative one. This is why each of our hand-picked and packed I See You Boxes contains multiple mementos of self-care.

On top of the box is a handwritten note from a volunteer emphasizing you are seen, worthy, loved, and deserve a new beginning. Inside, you will find self-care tools and personal items that may have been left behind when leaving but are also to encourage the survivor to see how self-care activities can promote healing.

What are the items inside the I See You box?

Click here: I See You Box Supply List

Interested in writing the letters that we include in each box?
Read about the guidelines here: Handwritten Letter Guidelines

Empowering Survivors on Their Healing Journey

Emotional Support

Our I See You boxes provide survivors of domestic abuse with handwritten notes and self-care items to boost their self-esteem and emotional being.

Positive Reinforcement

Each I See You box contains multiple mementos, aligning with the idea that positive experiences can counteract negative ones, helping survivors heal.

Self-Care Focus

We encourage self-care through handpicked items, aiding survivors in regaining control and self-compassion.

Symbol of Hope

Beyond items, the I See You box symbolizes a fresh start, offering support as survivors transition to a safer, healthier life.

Nonprofit Organizations We Partner With

Hagar’s Heart sincerely thanks the organizations we’ve partnered with for their support on our healing journey mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive an I See You box from Hagar’s Heart?

We deliver care packages monthly to the domestic violence shelters in our network.
Please contact us directly if you know of a shelter not receiving them. 

We have a standard list of items placed in the boxes by volunteers. The list can be found on our  Amazon wish list, which is then sent to us, or we can collect it on one of our collection drives. Please contact us directly if you have items to collect.

Thank you for helping Hagar’s Heart provide self-care packages to survivors of domestic violence. Each box has a value of approximately $25. You can donate via our website here. All financial donations are tax-deductible as we are a 501(c)3 registered organization.

The best way to find out when we need more items is to join our newsletter mailing list. Every month, we send out a bulletin with news and updates on care packages. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Click here to join our mailing list.

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