About Us

Healing broken hearts and restoring self-worth in survivors of domestic abuse

Our Mission

Hagar’s Heart supports, educates, and empowers domestic violence survivors through self-care initiatives.

We care for survivors of domestic violence during recovery. We aim to give back what was taken from them by their abusers – their self-worth and trust. 

Since May 2020, we have helped over 4,657 survivors of domestic violence by gifting “I See You” boxes and hosting events that promote self-worth and value rest. 

Core Values

Our Core Values are the principles that guide are mission and actions.

  • Boundaries
  • Collaborations
  • Empathy
  • Diversity
  • Hope
  • Resilience
  • Perseverance

Our Story

Our story begins with one woman’s success in rebuilding her life after abuse and her determination to help make the path to recovery easier for others. 

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence requires a strong heart and mind. Abusers do everything they can to destroy their victim’s belief in themselves.

They belittle, disempower, and instill fear at every opportunity. We aim to educate the need for self-care and empowerment and build self-esteem. To undo the damage done and let survivors know without a doubt that they are worthy of love, they are enough, and they have a future. 

We show survivors how much they are valued through acts of kindness, gifts of love, listening to their stories, and giving them time to recover. When a person knows someone cares, they can be brave, they can be positive, they can believe in a future, and they can have hope  again. 

I now see the God who sees me. I am a survivor of domestic abuse too and Hagar’s Heart is a calling. To help others get back what was taken –
self-esteem and belief in themselves.

How we have helped – Impact Statistics

I See You Boxes Delivered to Survivors Across North Texas Since May 2020
Counties Served Across North Texas: Collin, Dallas, Kaufman, and Tarrant
Items Donated For I See You Boxes in 2022
 Volunteers Who Packed I See You Boxes, Wrote Letters, and Attended In-Shelter Events

Our Team

Jennifer Jones, MS
Founder and Executive Director

Emily Swanson
Operations and Media Coordinator

Kathryn Shields
Volunteer Coordinator

Board of Directors

Madison Boboltz                      Elizabeth Daniels
Dr. Felecia Dunson, Psy.D            Eric Helsel                                          Chadwick Jones
Dr. Reginald Lewis, Ed.D          Angie Martin
Anna Ranadive

Vance Morton                            Kristine Morton, President
Claire Reddig, M.Ed                  Kristina Palmer Shedd
Vicki Sypien
Keirschen Maize Tucker, LMSW
Dr. An Wong
Helen Yoon

Hagar’s Heart Ally Team

Victoria Auten
Betty Garton
Lori Hansen Gentry
Haley Harmon
Leslie Hogg                                        Courtney Jackson                              Adrienne Jeffrey

Laura Beth Kelly
Kelly Millikan
Carla Riffel                           
Melaini Touchstone, Chair
Vicky Van Buren
Helen Yoon

Hagar’s Heart – We see you.

Hagar’s Heart is a registered 501c3 organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent the law allows.  Become part of the solution – volunteer your time or donate to the care of survivors of domestic abuse.

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