Meet Jennifer Jones Feature on Canvas Rebel

Meet Jennifer Jones Feature on Canvas Rebel

Jennifer Jones, the founder of Hagar’s Heart, shares the inspiring story of how her brand came into being. Her journey began when her life seemingly fell apart, marked by the end of her marriage and a sense of shame and loss of control. Jennifer connected deeply with the story of Hagar, a figure from the Bible who carried shame and anger, feeling that her own messy life was mirrored in Hagar’s experiences. Years later, after leaving her career in education, Jennifer rediscovered the story of Hagar, but this time, it had a different impact on her. The phrase “I have now seen the One who sees ME” resonated profoundly, leading Jennifer to realize that her worth was not defined by titles or circumstances but by her intrinsic value and being seen, valued, and loved. With this realization, Hagar’s Heart was founded, a nonprofit dedicated to providing women in crisis with tools for self-care and mental health support, helping them rediscover their worth and value.

Hagar’s Heart partners with domestic violence shelters, currently working with seven shelters across four counties in Texas. The organization’s mission is to empower women to recognize that they are seen, valued, and loved, regardless of the titles or roles they may carry. Jennifer’s personal experience with domestic violence and her desire to help others find their worth after the storm have been the driving force behind Hagar’s Heart, which focuses on self-care and support for women in crisis, embodying the message that worth is determined by who we are, not what we do. Jennifer’s advice for managing a team emphasizes the importance of finding passion and creating a life-giving environment, where work is a means to live and not the other way around. Hagar’s Heart’s social media presence has also been growing, driven by consistent and heartfelt content, focusing on education about domestic violence, the importance of self-care, and engaging with the audience through various media like pictures, stories, polls, and memes.

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