Why Is the Hagar’s Heart Letter Important?

Why Is the Hagar’s Heart Letter Important?

When I was little, I loved when I got a letter in the mail. It meant someone was thinking of me. That I mattered. Seeing a few words, handwritten, on a piece of paper, made me feel special. I still hope there is something other than flyers, bills, and change your cable to us mail! It got me thinking…could we impact a woman’s world in a few shared words from the heart, through pen and paper?

Below are some examples of affirming statements that can be used when writing your encouraging letters to survivors. Research shows that it takes 5-7 positives to make up for one negative. Please choose 5-7 sentences below and write your encouraging and affirming letter. Feel free to also use your own words of support as desired. Because the women we serve are of all faiths, or may be questioning their faith, please avoid any spiritual or religious references, when writing.  Please remember to sign the letter with a first initial, first name ONLY, or “A Friend” to make it personal for the woman reading.

Please send letters to: Hagar’s Heart, PO Box 14645, Arlington, TX, 76094.


• You are not alone. You are on a journey that so many before you and so many after you will take. Be encouraged and know that you are encouraging others.

• See the journey of self-love as steppingstones to the happiness you deserve.

• You are stronger than all of life’s challenges. Let your strength continue to see you through this journey.

• This journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Take day by day, one step at a time.

• Each person has their own unique journey with many different paths. For every step back or forth, it is a part of the journey. Just keep going!


• I encourage you to use the same strength that got you to this point, be a guide for you through this process.

• Your strength is your power so remember that you are so much more than a survivor.

• Your strength to survive is within YOU so do not let anyone take it away from you.

• Your strength and courage are your superpower. Remember to tap into it when you need to!

• Focus your strength and energy on what is in front of you, not what is behind.

• The situations you face today are developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Do not give up now.

• Your voice is your strength and power. Use it!

• Each day will be another day towards a stronger YOU!


• You are valuable and more than enough!

• Encouraging you to focus on your reasons WHY you CAN instead of why you CAN’T.

• Now is the time to show up for yourself like nobody else can.

• Use each day as an opportunity to love yourself. YOU are amazing so you will be able to do amazing things!

• Start living life knowing that you are enough.


• I am cheering for you!

• You can overcome the hurts of the past to be everything you need for yourself in the future.

• You know better than anyone what is best for YOU so know that your best is yet to come.

• I encourage you to keep reclaiming your life and all that you deserve.

• You are capable of so much so don’t give up on your dreams and goals.

• I encourage you to focus on the reasons why you CAN instead of why you CAN’T.

• You deserve the best, so it is ok to let go of things that don’t give purpose to your life.


Dear Friend,

YOU ARE SEEN! YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE LOVED! As I write this note, I am thankful for the life of the woman that is reading it. You are on a journey where loving yourself is most important. I hope you continue to put your worth first because you deserve nothing but the best…


Dear Friend,

YOU ARE SEEN! YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE LOVED! I want you to know that you have people who know and understand this journey and we stand with you. Continue to be safe and stay encouraged as you take your next steps. You owe it to yourself to make YOU important…


Dear Friend,

Your courage is a source of strength to others. You are so much more than you may realize, and you are encouraging others you may not know. Remember there is always purpose in the process. Continue to take care of and trust YOURSELF first. YOU ARE SEEN! YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE LOVED!

Dear Friend,

YOU ARE SEEN! YOU ARE WORTHY! YOU ARE LOVED! You have been through a lot but please remember that YOU are Enough. Use each day to love and trust yourself and your decisions. You know what is best for YOU so know that your best is yet to come. Take care!


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